In a cultural landscape where Latinos represent just 5.3% of lead actors, 5.7% of screenwriters, and only 4.5% of directors (2023 LDC U.S. Latinos in Media Report), MonteVideo advocates for the amplification of films by Latinx filmmakers. Since launching in 2020, MonteVideo has showcased works by over 90 filmmakers as part of  FREE community screenings at venues throughout San Antonio including ArtPace, Arthouse at Blue Star, Cassiano Park, Central Library, Elmendorf Lake Park, Jaime’s Place, Jump-Start Performance Co., Mission Marquee Plaza, Presa House Gallery, and Santikos Mayan Palace.

Your donation helps support future Latinx-themed independent film screenings for underserved San Antonio communities and contributes to the amplification of Latinx storytelling and voices. Representation matters!

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"Raza Cósmica: A Constellation of Latinx Sci-Fi Cinema was an absolute gem of an event! It beautifully showcased the rich tapestry of Latinx voices and perspectives in the realm of science fiction, demonstrating how the genre can be a powerful tool for exploring cultural identity and social commentary. The films and discussions left me feeling not only entertained but also enlightened about the vibrant diversity of Latinx storytelling in the sci-fi universe. A fantastic celebration of creativity that showcased so much color and music." - Audrey 

"Raza Cósmica felt like coming home in more ways than one. The small but mighty team that make this festival possible, truly love film and it showed. The team's programming was so thoughtful. I felt so much love for my film, The Burden. I loved it so much I've vowed to go back for future fests whether I have a film or not. Film lovers are my people. I was the only filmmaker for my block who was in attendance so I didn't have a chance to network with other filmmakers, but I definitely found community in the San Antonio locals who attended the festival. We had a wonderful and productive Q&A that spoiled me to no end." - Tish Arana